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How to use our iptv service ?

1.>How to run on android devices?

1. Installing UGO Apk from our links ,Notice : we have 2 apps ,one runs by mac address and the another one is by M3U Username password ,you need confirming which one you will choose.
2. Confirm with us to get your subcription.


2>How to run on mag devices?

1. Start up your Mag device.

2. Then go to Settings.

3. Open System Settings.

4. Open Servers.

5. Select Portals, enter Portal 1 name and enter UGO IPTV and Portal 1 URL you get from us then press ok.

6. When everything is saved, press exit and then a screen reboot box will appear and press ok again.

7. The channels will now appear if you are logged in to the server.


3>How to run on STBEMU?

See the step-by-step plan below:

1. Download the STBEMU app via the google playstore.

2. Open the STBEMU app.

3. Select Profile from the menu.

4. Create a new profile and then go to portal settings, at Portal URL you enter our portal, which you get from us.

5. Then go to STB configuration and note your MAC address 00: 1A: 79: ??: ??: ??, if you forward this to us we can add it to our server.

6. If you then restart the STBEMU app, the channels will appear.



4> How to run on Smart tv?

1. Download and install the APP SMART IPTV ( SIPTV )from your TV APP Store
2. Open the APP (You will see your TV MAC Address)
3.Go to
4. Write TV’s MAC,
Paste the link provided by us
Choose Various
Check “Keep online”
Click ‘Add Link’ 


5>How to run on IOS system?

1. Installing IPTV Smarters app from app store

2. Put name&password

3. Put URL you get from us to run 

6>How to run on PC&LAPTOP ?

1- download and install VLC Player
2- open chrome browser and open the m3u link which we provide
to download the m3u file
3- after complete downloading the file
open it using vlc player
note : it will stuck 2-5m during opening no need to do refresh